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‘Painting Schubert’ in Nürnberg | 22.10.2022

Yugen Trio presents the premiere of its latest project, the multidisciplinary show ‘Painting Schubert’ in Heilig Kreuz Kirche, Berlin. Concert to happen on October 20th, 2022 | 20.00h

‘Painting Schubert’ explores the relationship between painting and music based on one of the most emblematic works of the Romantic Music: Schubert’s Second Trio for Cello and Piano in E flat major, op. 100, to enhance artistic expression with the intervience of an actor actor and a painter together with the trio on stage.

You can also reserve tickets calling at +49 176 34473905

Concert Program:

Winterreise (selection)
Klaviertrio in Es Dur, op.100 D.929
Se solen sjunker (“Sieh’ die Sonne untergehen…”)

Yugen Trio:
Mika Yamamoto, piano
Mariko Nishikawa, violin
Juan Maria Raso, cello

David Garzón Bardua – actor
Cornelia Lochmann – painter

Marjorie Chau – Art director, Instalation and costume

Daniela Mertens – Costume
Aghyad Abou Koura – video & illumination

Juan Sáez – Mapping

Judith von Radetzky – stage direction

Juan Maria Raso – Concept and idea

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